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Mahindra Bolero Single Cab

The Mahindra Bolero Single Cab – The Go-Anywhere Workhorse

A Mahindra single cab is one of those never-say-die workhorses that will take you from one business site to the next without missing a beat, and just so happens to be a very comfortable ride as well. An exceptionally spacious light commercial vehicle, the Mahindra Bolero boasts a solid stance, high ground clearance and rugged engineering that makes it equally suitable for both work and play. It issimple to maintain, easy on fuel and offers durability and reliability second to none. This is the bakkie you want on your side when you've got places to go.

Find a Mahindra Bolero for sale

Looking for a Mahindra Bolero single cab bakkie for sale? Step right up! This multifaceted truck has all the hallmarks of an evergreen classic, which is why we are always proud to have it on our showroom floor. Available in both 4×2 and 4x4, the Mahindra Bolero single cab has been designed to make hard work look easy. It is happy to accept any challenge you throw its way, and will keep you safe and comfortable, even with a full load. For instance, did you know that the Bolero has a 6.75m turning radius for easy manoeuvrability, and a hydraulic clutch for effortless gear shifting? That's the kind of thing that comes in handy when you have to brave dirt roads and rugged South African terrain.

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