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At Mahindra SA, car maintenance is one of our primary concerns. After all, whether you bought a new car or invested in a pre-owned vehicle, it's how you maintain it that ultimately ensures your return on investment throughout your Mahindra SA motoring journey.

Affordable, reliable service & parts

Mahindra Durban is committed to providing you with service excellence. We will ensure that your vehicle is kept on the road in safe and reliable condition as you make your way from one exciting destination to the next. The Mahindra SA customer service division offers you a wide range of genuine parts and services to give you peace of mind no matter where your journeys may take you. When you choose Mahindra SA, you can look forward to:

  • Future-proof service plans
  • Innovative warranties
  • Affordable accessories
  • Genuine parts
  • Quality service
  • Years of motoring pleasure

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